About Us

About Us

Rock Creek Church is a community on a journey.

We are a movement of people doing one thing: helping each other take the next step to life with God by following in The Way of Jesus. We believe knowing God through Jesus is not just a collection of things you believe in, but a certain kind of life that you begin to live. Wherever you are in your journey, we’d love to walk together.

Is this church community a good fit for you? Honestly, It is our hope for you to find the right church fit, whether it's here or somewhere else. It's a pretty important decision, right?

Here are a few high-level things we can tell you about us to help you start to evaluate that.

  • We are an outward-focused church, regularly engaged in outreach and mission to our local communities, as well as on a regional and global scale.
  • We are a multigenerational community that loves the interactive mix of old and young, married and single, adults and children.
  • We are a community that values doing things together as families (all different sizes and shapes). Family service projects and mission trips are a distinctive.
  • We have an interdenominational community church feel, incorporating elements that come from different Christian traditions. The people of Rock Creek come from all kinds of different faith backgrounds and are at wide variety of points in their own spiritual journey.
  • We are a widespread church. Our gathering draws from Arvada, Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, Westminster and beyond.
  • We have a casual vibe with a light-hearted joy that permeates what we do, but a simultaneous passionate and solemn desire to go deep that is also hard to miss. We'd like to think we're serious and light-hearted about the right things.
  • We are guided by the Bible which is explored in a way that brings it's history and present meaning to life in a way that engages our circumstances and transforms us.
  • We are a church that believes in the possibility of a dynamic and intimate personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit that impacts how we live our lives.

Words only convey so much, and these only say something about us. They don't say anything about you and where you're coming from. But, we hope they're a starting point. Contact us or visit to find out more.