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Members of LIFE|groups at Rock Creek Church meet to progress in three vital relationships.  That is their Relationship with God, ther relationships with other followers and their relationships with Others.  This section of the site will provide access to information and resources that our LIFE|group leaders / facilitators can utilize for their individual groups.  If you have any questions or comments please send a note to



The following sections contain the various LIFE|group discussion guides that support the current, and previous, RCC Sermon Series.  Click on the links below to download a pdf of the discusion guide.  The guide will include links to the recorded sermon as well as the relevant scriptures.


Previous Sermon Series

Social Media

April 2017 - May 2017

 We're just living in a different day when information (texts and emails and connections to people and pictures), everything in our lives, our whole selves are kind of wrapped up in a little device called a, “phone.” A lot of people are concerned this technology is making us more self-obsessed, more narcissistic than ever before, and it could be, although I think people have always wrestled with self-obsession. Technology is an expression of the image of God inside of us. It is a gift of God to us. It enables us to draw closer to God. It enables the gospel to be spread. It helps us to connect with people who we love. It's making us richer and smarter and better educated, so technology is an unmixed, unmitigated, unambiguous force for good that does nothing but enrich our lives and make us better. Right? Not so much. Technology is awesome, but because we're fallen people, sinful people, broken people, technology also has the capacity to do great damage. In this series, we’ll examine: the selfie, friend requests, surfing, liking and following.

Discussion Guides and Sermon Audio


Who Do You Say That I Am?

April 2017

There is a question that Jesus asked his disciples — the most important question. One that resonates through history. A question that He asks each one of us: "Who Do You Say I Am?" Join us as we journey through the Easter story and celebrate on Sunday. We will discuss Peter’s interaction with Jesus in Caesarea Philippi, the triumphant entry on Palm Sunday, Claudia's view of Jesus on Good Friday, and Mary Magdalene's encounter with Jesus outside the tomb. This critical questions was posed to the disciples, but it’s also left for us to answer: “Who Do You Say That I Am?”

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Twisted (February - March 2017)

The Bible is full of wisdom. People love to quote their favorite verses to encourage and inspire each other—but sometimes, those verses get taken out of context. What happens when the most important message of all gets Twisted? This four-week message series from Pastors Brian Hays and Alex Rowan covers four of the most misused verses in all of the Bible. Learn the context of the verses, what they really mean, and how to find the richness God actually meant to show us through them. Verses in this series include "for I know the plans I have for you..." in Jeremiah 29:11, "ask anything in my name" in John 14:14, and others.

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 Worship (February 2017)

Worship is a response to God's revealed mercy that moves us from being conformed to the world to being transformed by the Holy Spirit. C.S. Lewis writes: "It is in the process of being worshiped that God communicates His presence to men." As we see in (Romans 12:1-2) , worship is holistic and all-encompassing; all of life is worship. Whether we're serving, loving our neighbors, resisting temptation, or coming together to praise God corporately, all is an acknowledgment that he has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light ( 1 Peter 2:9 ) and that he is worthy of our praise.

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Elijah (January 2017)

MEN, God wants to do more through you so He needs to do more in you! The time of sitting idle and watching the world go by and waiting for others to take the reigns and wishing things were different....that time is done! Some of you need to take a tiny step and some need to take a giant leap and grow up in a big way and start leading. Why? Because God wants to use you in mighty ways. If you’re with me and you say ok, there is a season of preparation that God will take you through before He uses you. When that happens, prepare yourself for an exciting adventure. This is a specific sermon series directed toward men. All can learn from the principles discussed, but our focus is to help raise up men who will serve and lead with humbleness, courage, and confidence.

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Thrill of Hope! (December 2016)

Many of you know this, or this may be new for you, but for generations — many, many, many generations — there was always a remnant of Jewish people who waited every single day for the arrival - not of Santa Claus, but of a Messiah. In every single generation, there was a group of people and they lived their lives every single day in obedience to God’s command, knowing that this could be the day their awaited Messiah arrives - the T hrill of Hope. But unlike the certainty of our Christmas morning, this went on for generation after generation after generation and nothing happened; 9 9.999% of these people who waited and waited and waited for the coming of the Messiah died , and there was no fulfillment of that promise given so many years before.
Today, as your LIFE|group begins this Christmas series, I want to introduce you to two of those people. If you have your Bibles, we’re going to be in the book of Luke. Here is why this is so relevant for us: because at some point in your Christian experience, if you haven’t had this already, God is going to be so quiet and God is so inactive and God is so seemingly silent, that there will be times in our lives when we will look around and say, W hy am I doing this God thing? Why am I attending, why am I serving, why am I g iving, why am I believing? Why am I obeying, why am I missing out, why am I not sleeping around or moving in with him? Why in the world am I continuing day after day after day to live my life as if there is something bigger than me...

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 Casting Shadows (Oct 2016 - Nov 2016)

A shadow can be a welcomed sight, especially out in the hot sun. However, the allure of a casting shadow toward the mission of our lives is a danger for every human being who ever lived, but it's especially powerful right here in Boulder County where we live. Boulder County is a place where having a desire, wanting to enjoy the world, or maybe wanting to make money, to get in touch spiritually, to do all kinds of things is so powerful, but it so easily turns into an ego-driven - self-fulfillment shadow.

We're starting a series to look at how to find and live out the mission God has for you and how to overcome your casting shadow. We’re wading into some really deep waters. We're going to walk through one of the most amazing stories in the Bible over the next four weeks. Our vehicle will be the book of Esther. It's this story of characters given a choice between a God-given mission and a casting shadow that distracts and deceives. We’ll see that people choose. Destinies get formed. And the world gets changed.


Enough (Sep 2016 - Oct 2016)

When is enough, enough? Throughout this series, we will be looking at at three habits...three pitfalls...we think are toxic to our lives. We assume they are just the normal way to go, the normal way to live, but in the end they keep us from or they become a barrier to experience the life God has for us, the life God calls us to live. In the end, we’re going to say, “Enough is Enough!” [ENOUGH BEING HURRIED - ENOUGH COMPARING - ENOUGH LIVING IN FEAR]

  • Sermon Series Audio Link
  • Discussion Guide - Week 1 - Hurry
  • Discussion Guide - Week 3 - Fear


Upside Down (Apr 2016 - Sep 2016)

The Sermon on the Mount, the longest sermon recorded in the gospels, presents Jesus as our ultimate, God authorized instructor for living. He guides the follower to actually do what the Word of God says. In doing so, “happiness” will follow. The “happiness” Jesus speaks of, is one of right relationship with God. The values Jesus will discuss (The Beatitudes) presents a complete “Upside Down” way of approaching life. It’s a life that steers counter culture, but a life that is abundantly worth it! Are you up for the challenge and invitation?


Doors of Doubt - The Journey to Easter  (Mar 2016)

We all have doubts, those nagging questions that make it hard to believe. These doubts can especially be hard during holidays like Christmas and Easter when we are faced with the most prolific events in world history. Welcome to our new series, “ Doors of Doubt – The Journey to Easter”, where over the next four weeks, we will explore difficult spiritual topics that challenge non–believers and believers alike.


What's Your Story (Jan 2016 - Mar 2016)

Whether we like it or not, each of us have a story that is being written every minute of every day. On a daily basis, hundreds of decisions are made – some good, some bad. Nevertheless, our story continues to be written. Join us for this extremely practical series as we examine our life story.



The table below represents a list of potential service opportunities for your LIFE|group to participate in.  You can reach out directly to the contact listed for each oppporunity or, you can reach out to one of the three leaders of the Rock Creek Chruch Ministries Team:

  • Bil Repenning mobile (720) 935-9895 // email
  • Beth Sheveland mobile: (303) 949-1472 // email
  • Mark Popenhagen mobile: (303) 515-0078 // email



 1. What does a Rock Creek Church LIFE|group do?

A LIFE|group has three main objectives: getting together,  growing together and serving together.   Members of RCC LIFE|groups get together twice a month to share a meal or desert, catch up on life, discuss their joys, struggles,  and discuss the weekend message. They serve anyone in their network or neighborhood that has a need.  And they have fun together in the form of birthday parties, BBQ’s, game day parties, movie nights, etc.

2. What do we talk about in a LIFE|group?

LIFE|group conversations will focus on two key topics.  First, just catchig up on life.  How are things going? What is coming up for the family?  What joys have you experienced in the last couple weeks? What would you like prayers for?   Secondly, we will have some type of Bible centered discussion that along with our sermon series, or on some specific relavant topic.  Discusion guides will be provided through this web-site and the discussions will focus around a single topic and biblical application.

3. Why should I join a LIFE|group?

There are many reasons to join a LIFE|group! We follow the model in Acts 2:42-47 where we see the early church getting together regularly in community to eat together, study the scriptures, serve people who are in need and have fun together. Sometimes it’s hard to feel connected in a large church. Joining a LIFE|group is the best way to meet other believers and apply the weekend messages to our lives.

4. Do I have to be a Christian to join a LIFE|group?

No. Our LIFE|groups are open to everyone regardless of where they are in their journey with Jesus. Feel free to come as you are and ask any questions you may have.

5. Do I have to attend Rock Creek Church to join a LIFE|group?

No. Our LIFE|groups are open to everyone regardless of where or if they attend church. Feel free to come as you are and ask any questions you may have. However, the discussions are based most often on the weekend messages. You may get more out of your LIFE|group experience if you also attend one of the weekend services or listen online, but it’s not a requirement.

6. What if I’m not “good enough” to join a LIFE|group?

Not a problem. Neither is anyone else in the group. We’re all imperfect, and we need Jesus and each other. We join LIFE|groups not because we are perfect, but because God has designed us to grow in community.

7. What if I don’t know very much about the Bible?

That’s one of the reasons to join. You will learn more about the scriptures and how to apply them to your life.

8. How do I pick the perfect group?

You can’t. There’s no such thing as the “perfect group” because LIFE|groups are full of people, and people aren’t perfect. Choose a LIFE|group that’s close to your home and fits your schedule and go from there.

9. What if I already have enough friends?

We would ask you three questions: Do they live geographically close to your home? Are they the kind of friends you can call at 2am when the crisis hits? And are they the kind of friends you are sharing the gospel with and learning to become more like Jesus. If the answer is no, then you need to be in a LIFE|group. If you do have friends like that, why not start a LIFE|group with them?

10. What if my spouse won’t go?

It’s unfortunate, but it’s NOT a deal-breaker. Just go without him or her and pray for them while you’re there! There are tons of stories of LIFE|groups who prayed for an absent spouse for a while and then welcomed them to the group.

11. Can I find specific groups for singles or couples?

We actually build our LIFE|groups so that all different kinds of people (single, married, retired, with and without kids) do community together. We’ve found by research and experience that this is the best (even if not the fastest) path to authentic community. Ideally your LIFE|group would have a few other people in your same life situation, and also some other folks in different places in life.

12. What if I tried a LIFE|group once and I didn’t like it?

We would challenge you to try it again. We’ve grown a lot in the last few years, so there are many new people and new features in the format. We think you’ll like it. If you don’t, give us a call, let us know why, and we’ll try to find the right group for you.

13. What if I get into conflict with someone in my group?

Conflict isn’t fun but happens from time to time when people do life together. If you get into a conflict with someone in your LIFE|group, see it as a great opportunity (as weird as that sounds). Conflict is a natural part of forming community. Use Matthew 18.15 - 17 as your guide. Go directly to the person one-on-one. If the two of you need help resolving the issue, include others in the group (and/or someone from the LIFE|groups Team).

14. What if I don’t like the LIFE|group I’m in now?

It’s common to feel a bit uncomfortable the first few weeks in a new group. We suggest staying in your LIFE|group for at least 2 - 3 meetings before making a decision to leave. If a change needs to be made, just let us know at

15. Are children welcome in LIFE|groups?

Kids definitely are an important part of community! Some of our LIFE|groups don’t have kids but most of them do, and those who do care for the kids differently. If you have kids, let us know and we’ll put you in a group that is open to accommodate children.

16. What are the requirements to start or lead a LIFE|group?

A LIFE|group has four leadership roles: a Facilitator to lead the discussion each week and act as point person for the group, a Co-Facilitator to share the facilitating responsibilities, a Communicator to send out regular communication about the weekly meetings and other pertinent  LIFE|group information, and a Host to provide a home for the LIFE|group to meet each week. There are no prerequisites to perform any of these roles. Once these roles are filled, we can start a new group anywhere and anytime. If you are interested in starting or leading a group, please email us at

17. How can I start a group?

GREAT QUESTION! Email us at , and together we’ll make a plan to start a new group.

18. Does joining a LIFE|group cost anything?

No, joining a Life Group is free. However, you may be asked to contribute a food item for the meal each week. If this is ever a problem, just let your Facilitator know or email us at

19. Can I join more than one group?

We recommend joining only one group at a time. You will most likely get the most out of your LIFE|group experience if you focus your attention and energy to only one group at a time.  Our LIFE|group cycles are typically less than 18-24 monts or so.  At that point, our plan is to multiply groups.  So, you will be part of a group that may spawn off and start a new group and get to build more great relationships.

20. What if none of the days or times will work with my schedule?

If you can’t find an open group in a time slot that works with your schedule you have two options. Consider hosting a group at your home on a night of your choice, or consider joining a LIFE|group in a different part of town that meets on a night you’re available.

21. What if I have to miss a few meetings for prior commitments?

We understand that life happens. Try your best to attend as many of your LIFE|group meetings as you can. If you have to miss a meeting, just be sure to let your Facilitator or Communicator know in advance if possible.

22. Do we have to eat a meal together every week?

Sharing a meal or dessert is not a requirement, however we strongly suggest your group eat together as often as possible.  Usually, LIFE|groups that eat together will stay together.  Sometimes sharing a meal or dessert is not feasible so we leave it to your LIFE|group to make the decision.