The Ultimate Social Media

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The Ultimate Social Media

We're just living in a different day when information (texts and emails and connections to people and pictures), everything in our lives, our whole selves are kind of wrapped up in a little device called a, "phone." A lot of people are concerned this technology is making us more self-obsessed, more narcissistic than ever before, and it could be, although I think people have always wrestled with self-obsession. Technology is an expression of the image of God inside of us. It is a gift of God to us. It enables us to draw closer to God. It enables the gospel to be spread. It helps us to connect with people who we love. It's making us richer and smarter and better educated, so technology is an unmixed, unmitigated, unambiguous force for good that does nothing but enrich our lives and make us better. Right? Not so much. Technology is awesome, but because we're fallen people, sinful people, broken people, technology also has the capacity to do great damage. In this series, we’ll examine: the selfie, friend requests, surfing, liking and following.

May 28, 2017


Speaker: Brian Hays Series: The Ultimate Social Media

April 23, 2017

The Ultimate Social Media - Week 1

Speaker: Brian Hays Series: The Ultimate Social Media Passage: Psalm 46:10