Who are we?

Rock Creek Church has a program specifically designed for 5th - 6th grade students called Voyagers. Our goal is to encourage and equip students to live a life passionately pursuing God. In order to encourage our students in their walk of faith, we start by studying the life of Christ and then follow that with the lives of other believers from the time of Christ's death  to the present age. This also equips our students as they prepare for the exciting but often challenging Middle School years. By examining the lives of believers that came before us, we can learn what it truly means to be a follower of Christ and face the challenges that come before us. 

Voyagers Curriculum
  • 1st Year: Jesus Christ - The life and mission of Jesus Christ
  • 2nd Year: Acts of the Apostles - The Mission and Message of the Early Church
  • 3rd Year: The Church - God’s Faithful throughout the Ages 

Memory Verses

  • TBD
Additional Information

Whether you are a parent with questions or comments about our program or an adult looking for a place to serve in the local church, we encourage you to contact Ken Russo for more information. 


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